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the mastermind

Name: Sophia Celi

Age: 17


Role: Founder and Project Lead


Hobbies: Writing poetry & dance


Creator & Founder of

Tactically Framed

Climate change is killing us. Your attempts to escape this existential crisis is what will save us. I created Tactically Framed in an effort to expose the innumerable frames placed on climate change and, more importantly, to mimic our escape into a world of just the facts. 


web developers

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Ashley Kim


Jenny Ongele

“Great conflict over global issues motivates me to research and build my own stance. This project gives me a hands-on experience to learn about the world around me and become a global citizen”

- Ashley Kim 

head of finances

sound design

game design

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Ryan Yahata

tactically framed enrique profile.jpg

Enrique Lopez


Kendall Arjoon

photo & video

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Sean Pacheco

co-head of escape room design

co-head of escape room design

head of escape room logistics 

Nathan Lee

Nate Groves


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Kris Love

IMG_4358 - Ariel Lim.HEIC

Ariel Lim

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Jack Maekawa

"Looking back at this project, Tactically Framed opened my eyes to the world's major problems & the ignorance of America as a whole. I enjoyed learning about the different ways that the wealthy have constricted our voice & the true problems behind America's lingering flaws."

- Jack Maekawa

"The way that corporations frame climate change as an issue for the individual and not for the companies lobbying against environmental protections while continuing to exploit our resources prevents true progress, making exposing these tactical frames is crucial to my mission."

- Shelby Negosian

Shelby Negosian

IMG-9261 - Nadia Natour_edited.jpg

Nadia Natour

tactically framed - Maria Mathew.heic

Maria Mathew

4A404172-232A-47CF-A66A-61F58A5B961F - Dayna Hassan.jpeg

Dayna Hassan

IMG_4951 - Derrick Borden.JPG

Derrick Borden

Kritika Uprety

"I wanted to expose and deconstruct those harmful frames while also creating a research-driven source for people to accurately consume information."

- Kritika Uprety

"This project was extremely interesting as I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the current world climate and the causes and effects it is having. The more I learned the more passionate I became about this project and spreading awareness."

- Josie Bryan

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Josie Bryan

71D66282-F89A-4E12-BD9D-0229C0385994 - Sean Kim.jpeg

Sean Kim

38339EB0-D726-441C-9063-A1CD8DAC6ECF - Mason Moon.jpeg

Mason Moon

ux designers

pic - Chloe.JPG

Chloe Gilabert

BE495765-D57F-4E15-981B-42FFCD6A08E0 - Flaminghorselord.jpeg

Sagian Shaw

tactically framed julia profile .jpeg

Julia Faraci

"I sat in on a meeting for the escapers & witnessed the intricate detail they were putting into the rooms & how they used those details to represent issues in regards to climate change. I thought this was a genius project & couldn’t resist to contribute my input & hopefully impact the people circulating through the rooms."

- Julia Faraci

"I've always loved experiential learning. It's a really cool feeling to be transported and immersed in a completely new atmosphere, whilst teaching me about important topics outside SCV."

- Isabella Cuares

IMG_7898 - Isabella Cuares.heic

Isabella Cuares

IMG_4929 - Jade Alfonso.jpg

Jade Alfonso

997600B9-8868-47FC-B9CA-6D4A9DFACF43 - Ansen Chen.jpeg

Ansen Chen

IMG_6669 - shriprithi vel murugan.HEIC

Vel Murugan

FC58599B-50F7-47A8-9044-D2B7B4C24F50 - Mehr Gandhi.jpeg

Mehr Gandhi

8C2C5FF1-53F8-45E2-A421-6DBE8194AF19 - Mason So_edited.jpg

Mason So

"This project is important to me since I know people who have been subjected to misinformation & became worse off because of it. I enjoyed the ideation of the escape rooms since it was fun to come up with puzzles that also work as an informative, interactive experience."

- Mason So